Cognitive Immobility

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Sometimes we can not let go of the past, which bugs us
Our minds are entrapped in places and experiences from the past
"No home is truly a home; even the previous home"


This webpage is for the project ‘Cognitive Immobility: The Homeless Mind’. The project aims to study the phenomenon of cognitive immobility further to include not just aspects of migration but also broken relationships, dementia, abandonment by family/friends, cultural traditions, emotional abuse, trauma, loss of home, and bereavement. The findings from the project will be published in peer-reviewed academic journals and blogs and presented at conferences.


If you’ve moved from one country to another or from one life experience to another, you may have left something behind; as a result, you may constantly seek to reclaim it, relive those experiences, or even wish to forego them. While this is ongoing, you may suffer from cognitive immobility.


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